Dory Hill Schedule

Russell sent an email with the Dory Hill schedule which I’m posting here.

Even if not explicitly stated, the Pavilion is the place for all meetings, registration, rules, etc.


2pm: Earliest time you may arrive at the campground. No exceptions. Being respectful of arrival & departure times is one of the best ways we can stay on good terms with the venue.

6:30pm: If you are bringing a game, please have it set up and working by this time.

6:30pm – 7:15pm: Last minute registration at the Pavilion for people who did not already pay tournament entries.

7:15pm: Everyone meets at the Pavilion. We’ll give a little welcome speech, go over rules for the weekend. Then we will go over the rules for the Friday night tournament.

7:30pm – 9:30pm: Friday Night Flip Frenzy Tournament qualifying. All registered players will play for two hours.

9:30pm – 11pm: Final rounds (for the top 16 qualifiers only)

Midnight: Quiet hours begin.


9:30am-10am: last minute registration. If you are planning to play, and will not be at the Campground by 10am, you must pay in advance. Please reach out to us. Do not expect someone waiting around at the registration table to handle late arrivals – we’ll all be off playing!

10am: Everyone gathers at the Pavilion for the tournament rules & group photo. We will start on time. We do not offer wake up calls or white glove pinhead herding services. It is your responsibility to be at the Pavilion on time.

Tournament begins! It’s up to you and your self-formed group to play your assigned games. Once you’ve finished, turn in your scoresheet and the rest of the day is yours (though please surrender any game you’re playing to anyone who still needs to play it for their round).

Go quickly. Or take your time. Stop for lunch. Take a nap. Do whatever you want, but…

8pm: Deadline to turn in your completed score sheet for your 18 holes.

Dollar games? Stall ball? Chubby Bunny? Play pinball, tell stories, make friends around the campfire. Have fun.

Midnight: Quiet hours begin.


9am: Top 32 qualifiers from Saturday meet at the Pavilion for the start of A Division finals.

9:15am: All other players meet at the Pavilion for instructions & scorecards for B and C Division finals.

2pm-2:30pm: Everyone meets at the Pavilion for final awards ceremony. Then pack up and go home, or feel free to spend Sunday night at the campground with whatever games remain.

Midnight: Quiet hours begin.


11am: Drop dead checkout time. You must be packed up and gone, leaving your site cleaner than you found it. Please respect this deadline so that we can continue to hold our event here for many years to come.

Important Dory Hill Updates

We’re two weeks away from Dory Hill X! In preparation Russell Linsky posted tips and reminders on Facebook which I am sharing here.

For full Dory Hill X event details go here.

Hello Everyone,

Dory Hill X is fast approaching. Remember, this is September 6-8, only 2 weeks away.

Particularly for those of you who have never attended before, I thought I’d send out a general information message so you can know what to expect. Sorry this is so long, but please read through this.

Base Camp at Golden Gate is a camping setup with some amenities. The cabins have power outlets, and all but one has a space heater. The RV sites have power outlets and hookups (I know nothing about RVs, but I think it’s a standard setup). There are (newly renovated) bathrooms with shower facilities. There is a convenience store at Base Camp with basic snack food, drinks. They also have a liquor store. They will have wood for sale if it turns out it is safe to have campfires.

Here are some things you might think about bringing for the trip:

1. Extension cords
2. Tarpaulins
3. Clamps as indicated below
4. Bungee cords
5. Pinball tools, especially for installing legs, leveling games, game maintenance
6. Dollies for moving games around, setup
7. Packing/moving blankets 
8. Flashlights and/or headlamps (it gets DARK)
9. Water Coolers
10. Camp Chairs
11. Cold weather gear (it has snowed occasionally)
12. Rain gear (it has rained occasionally)
13. Toiletries
14. Bath towel
15. Flip-flops to get to and from the shower
16. Food & drink
17. Trash bags for cleanup (please try to keep your site spotless this year)
18. Cash (for any fees you haven’t yet paid)
19. Ashtrays (this one is very important if you smoke, no cigarette butts this year)

For check-in on Friday, whoever is the official renter of each site much check-in at the front desk of Base Camp. They will have a list of the official renters. You will have to leave a credit card for a security deposit, and cabin folks with receive a key. If there is no damage, the site is clean etc. you should not be charged anything.

If you are bringing a game, please have it setup and operational by 6:30pm on Friday at the latest. Modern games should be set to 3 balls, and set to tournament mode. (this will need to be changed to 5 balls for Saturday/Sunday) We will have a “drivers’ meeting” at 7:00pm where we will go over any additional details. The Friday side tournament should begin promptly at 7:30pm. I anticipate this will run until 9:30, followed by finals.

We are trying to remove any bottlenecks to the check-in process. Nobody will be allowed to play in any events if they have not paid their tournament entry fees. It’s $50. You will be able to pay upon your arrival. But, please pay your tournament fees in advance. If you haven’t yet confirmed your attendance with me and paid your tournament entry fees, please do so at your earliest convenience. We are also trying to get a feel for how many people will be attending, so PLEASE, confirm and pay if you’re coming.

Finally, Base Camp is asking for a detailed list of who is staying where. This is due to problems with certain sites in the past. So, if you’re staying on site, I must know where. There is no random “crashing” or popping a tent allowed. So, please help us clarify who is staying on which site.

I think this is going to be a great year for Dory Hill. We will likely have more games and more players than ever before. This even has the potential to be the largest pinball tournament in Colorado history!

Thanks so much to Ryan Wanger, Zach Smith, Snow Galvin, Bill Reeves, Kevin Ryan, JJ Babich, Steve Trujillo and everyone else who has already pitched in so much to make this event happen.

Let me know if I can help in any way, and I’ll SEE YOU THERE!

Russell Linsky

Dory Hill X – Updates

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Noteworthy Updates

If you need a spot you can be squeezed in but email ASAP!

Pre-order to make sure you snag one! Complimentary super sweet patches with each order too!

Format and details have been posted!

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