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Meet the players

Paul Preston – PMP
What to watch for:
All the sweet gifs and commands he makes, super jackpot enthusiasm & math puns. !winner

Snow Galvin – SNO
What to watch for:
Drop catches, terrible impressions & exclamations. Be ready to keep that counter honest: !snowswear

Lunchbox – BOX
What to watch for:
Dishwashing, tug-0-war & mad basketball skills !lunchbox

We just celebrated our 200th episode! (on April 19, 2019)

To celebrate the occasion, Paul made this sweet intro video which you can check out here:

Our Wednesday and Friday intro videos/highlight reels for your viewing pleasure:

And who could forget Xstream-mas??

Paul put on a real tour de force during the 11 days of Xstream-mas 2018 – streaming every day of his winter break from work, with Snow joining him for a special New Year’s Eve stream to cap the event.

Broadcast Schedule: Wednesdays at 7p & Fridays at 8p

Roadshow Wednesdays
Every week we play a different machine on location – be it an arcade or a collector’s home.

Stay at Home Fridays
Who wants to go out on a Friday night? Certainly not Snow & Paul. We’d much rather stay home and play a game in our home collection, drink beer and hang with our dog, Lunchbox.

VODs or Videos on Demand
Past broadcasts can be viewed on our channel and remain available for 2 months after that episode’s live broadcast date.

Own a game you'd like us to stream?

!Commands - ways that followers & subscribers can interact

You earn points from watching our stream, following our channel and subscribing. Those points can be spent on commands that encourage or taunt us as we play. Here’s a sampling of available commands:



Type !winner in chat to celebrate a victory

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How to watch Twitch: Desktop, Mobile, TV

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BetterTTV Browser Plugin
Not required to watch Twitch, but does enhance experience

These FAQ should help you get started is a live streaming platform built largely for video games and eSports broadcasts, though you will find a wide variety of content on their website. As of February 2018, it has 2 million broadcasters monthly and 15 million daily active users. Read more about Twitch here.

Pinball is growing like crazy including on Twitch. There are more and more pinball broadcasters popping up to showcase new game reveals, gameplay tutorials, tournaments, tech streams, live podcasts and seminars.

With a Twitch account you can follow all your favorite pinball channels so you know when they go live, make highlight clips, participate in chat to interact with the broadcaster and fellow viewers as well as support your favorite streamers with subscriptions (aka subs) and Bits.

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Log in to Twitch and visit the
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How to sub on a Mobile device:
Visit our channel on your mobile device’s web browser and make sure Twitch is displaying in desktop mode – then you’ll be able  to click the Subscribe button and select sub with Prime or sub with cash. Sometimes Twitch can be a pain in the butt.

Bits can be purchased through Twitch and are used to “tip” streamers. That’s why you’ll see a low-ball glass or tip jar on our screen when we’re live.

You can purchase Bits by clicking the button just to the right of the Subscribe button. Again, on mobile you’ll need to visit Twitch via your device’s web browser, then click on Desktop Mode in order to see the Get Bits button. Though the purchase price varies depending upon how many you’re buying, what it means to streamers when received from viewers is 1 Bit = 1 cent. So, 100 Bits is $1.

To use bits, click on the diamond shaped icon in the chat window and then select the amount. And thank you!