Dory Hill Schedule

Russell sent an email with the Dory Hill schedule which I’m posting here.

Even if not explicitly stated, the Pavilion is the place for all meetings, registration, rules, etc.


2pm: Earliest time you may arrive at the campground. No exceptions. Being respectful of arrival & departure times is one of the best ways we can stay on good terms with the venue.

6:30pm: If you are bringing a game, please have it set up and working by this time.

6:30pm – 7:15pm: Last minute registration at the Pavilion for people who did not already pay tournament entries.

7:15pm: Everyone meets at the Pavilion. We’ll give a little welcome speech, go over rules for the weekend. Then we will go over the rules for the Friday night tournament.

7:30pm – 9:30pm: Friday Night Flip Frenzy Tournament qualifying. All registered players will play for two hours.

9:30pm – 11pm: Final rounds (for the top 16 qualifiers only)

Midnight: Quiet hours begin.


9:30am-10am: last minute registration. If you are planning to play, and will not be at the Campground by 10am, you must pay in advance. Please reach out to us. Do not expect someone waiting around at the registration table to handle late arrivals – we’ll all be off playing!

10am: Everyone gathers at the Pavilion for the tournament rules & group photo. We will start on time. We do not offer wake up calls or white glove pinhead herding services. It is your responsibility to be at the Pavilion on time.

Tournament begins! It’s up to you and your self-formed group to play your assigned games. Once you’ve finished, turn in your scoresheet and the rest of the day is yours (though please surrender any game you’re playing to anyone who still needs to play it for their round).

Go quickly. Or take your time. Stop for lunch. Take a nap. Do whatever you want, but…

8pm: Deadline to turn in your completed score sheet for your 18 holes.

Dollar games? Stall ball? Chubby Bunny? Play pinball, tell stories, make friends around the campfire. Have fun.

Midnight: Quiet hours begin.


9am: Top 32 qualifiers from Saturday meet at the Pavilion for the start of A Division finals.

9:15am: All other players meet at the Pavilion for instructions & scorecards for B and C Division finals.

2pm-2:30pm: Everyone meets at the Pavilion for final awards ceremony. Then pack up and go home, or feel free to spend Sunday night at the campground with whatever games remain.

Midnight: Quiet hours begin.


11am: Drop dead checkout time. You must be packed up and gone, leaving your site cleaner than you found it. Please respect this deadline so that we can continue to hold our event here for many years to come.

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