ATTENTION: All players who attend the 3rd Sunday Tourneys at 1up Colfax

For anyone playing in this Sunday’s tournament at the 1UP – Colfax or anyone that ever wants to play in it – LISTEN UP!

I’m filling in for Helena again while she’s away with Higgies in Sweden. I’m going to be running the event on Match Play. I believe this will dramatically improve the player experience but I need your help.

PLEASE sign up for a free Match Play account and “claim yourself.” This will take 3 minutes tops and if you can do this BEFORE signing up on Sunday and not asking me how to do it at 12:55p, you’ll be one of my favorite players. You’ll need to have your IFPA number on hand.

So go to and create an account if you don’t already have one (it’s free and you won’t get any annoying emails by signing up). Then follow the prompts to “claim player.” Use your IFPA player number to verify the player you are claiming is you.

Find your IFPA player number by searching for yourself here and clicking on your player profile. Your number will be listed on the lefthand side under “Player Information.”

Thanks for your help on this and see you Sunday! Same format, still $10 to play, still starts at 1pm, still at 1up Colfax. If you’ve never attended, you can find details about the tournament here.

PinGolf…Nice! Holes and Objectives

The objectives are posted on the back boxes of each hole but I’m also making the 9-hole course objectives available online.

The top 8 players advance to Finals. Good luck and play well!

Live standings on Match Play.

Top 4 finishers will take home cash and one of these handsome gophers.

IFPA 16 & The Epstein Cup

IFPA 16 is this weekend and there will be fantastic streaming of the event that kicks off tomorrow at 12pm Mountain with the Epstein Cup! For 2019 team rosters go here.

IFPA 16 will be streaming on Twitch Friday through Sunday starting at (my best guess) 2am Mountain. Yep, it’s in Milan this year so it’s an early broadcast start for us. All streams will also be archived on You Tube. Be sure to cheer on Escher!

Live on Twitch
You Tube archive 

Tentative Qualifying Session #1 Group

Group #16
16. Josh Sharpe (USA)
17. Escher Lefkoff (USA)
48. Jussi Rantala (FIN)
49. Daniel Nowak POL (POL)

To see all Session #1 Groups go here.

Reminder: PinGolf at Blizzard this Sunday!

Just a friendly reminder that Blizzard will be hosting a PinGolf tournament this Sunday, June 9th at 1:00pm SHARP!

Be sure to RSVP is you haven’t done so already by emailing Snow here. If all 36 spots are not claimed ahead of time, we will allow players to sign-up at the door, up until we hit the 36 player cap.

Cash for the top 8 finishers. Super sweet trophies for the top 4!

For more details and full tournament format explanation – go here.