Total Nuclear Annihilation arrives at 1up Colfax Today!

Spooky Pinball’s Total Nuclear Annihilation, Game #414 is set to arrive at The 1up Colfax today!

You can read all about this homebrew to mass produced machine on Scott Danesi’s website (the game’s designer).

To defeat this game you’ve got to destroy all 9 Reactors. It’s fun, it’s got a great soundtrack and it’s hard. But! It has a super fun feature called Co-op mode where you can work together with others to help get it done.

How to enable Co-op Mode

Hold down start button to enable Co-op mode (all players vs machine). After enabling standard Co-op mode you can hold down the start button again to activate Team Vs mode (players 1 & 3 vs players 2 & 4).

In both of these modes there are no extra balls, replays or high scores enabled. Learn more about these modes here.

Ryan Wanger cashed in some of his $tern Rewards

For those who don’t know, the IFPA and Stern Pinball work together to promote pinball and recognize those tournament players who have worked hard to move up through the ranks by enrolling them in the Stern Rewards Program.

Our very own Ryan Wanger is one of those players who cashed in on a new Guardians of the Galaxy Pro which you can now play at Gunbarrel Brewing in Boulder!

New tournament format! Bear Run Pinball happening at PBJ Campus West on September 8 at 2pm

Since Dory Hill is not happening this year Dave Andersen and Chris Shelton stepped up to run an event on that weekend with a new format for everyone to try.

It’s $10 to enter and the event will be capped at 32 players so if you want to secure your spot, send an email to

It’s essentially a match-play format. For the first 2 rounds you play in 4 player groups. You are guaranteed to play 2 rounds. If you were unfortunate enough to take 4th in both games, a bear eats you and you’re out. An imaginary bear, I’ve been told.

From round 3 on – you will play with those performing at a similar level. The better you perform, the better your potential payout!

To see what I mean, checkout this handy visual presentation of how the Bear Run format works. 

Wish Ryan Wanger good luck at the Buffalo Summer Open!

Our very own Ryan Wanger from Comet Pinball is representing Colorado at the 2018 Buffalo Summer Open, a Stern Pro Circuit major this year.

It’s kicking off tonight with a Flipper Frenzy tournament that just started. You can follow along with Ryan’s performance here.

Friday and Saturday is qualifying for the main event, an unlimited best-game format with each player’s top 5 scores on a bank of 12 machines contributing to their standing. The top 24 players will advance to Finals on Sunday with the top 8 receiving single byes.

There are also two Classics tournaments with the same format except each player’s best 4 scores on a bank of 8 machines will go to their standing. These are single day events with qualifying and finals happening on the same day. Classics I is on Friday and Classics II is on Saturday. The top 24 advance. Top 8 get byes.

There will also be a Women’s 4-strike tournament happening Sunday morning.

Find full Buffalo Summer Open event details here.

Tournament Standings & Stream

Main and Classics standings at Never Drains.

Tentative Stream Schedule