Fort Collins Beginner’s League – Padawan Pinball 101.2 – Starts Tuesday November 6th!

Padawan Pinball 101.2 is a pinball league in Fort Collins devoted to new players looking to gain skills and gameplay strategy. Each week will feature a seasoned player who will go over technique and rules for different machines. All are welcome to play and it’s FREE to join, only quarters are required to play the machines even the featured game(s) each week is set to freeplay! (You’ll need quarters to play the other machines.) You can’t be too green for this league!

This League will run for 6 weeks at various locations around Fort Collins and the 7th week will put those new skills to the test in a friendly tournament – aka League Finals. 

League Schedule - Tuesdays at 6pm

Week #1 – November 6 – Location: Pinball Jones Campus West
Introduction, history of pinball and basic skills with Dave Andersen
Week #2 – November 13 – Location:  Pinball Jones Old Town
Brian Sanz will go over strategy for Attack From Mars and Theatre of Magic
Week #3 – November 20 – Location: Pinball Jones Campus West
Jake and Natasha Kalda will lead this week’s agenda
Week #4 – November 27 – Location: The Lyric
Featuring: TBA
Week #5 – December 4 – Location: Pinball Jones Campus West
Featuring: TBA
Week #6 – December 11 – Location: Pinball Jones Old Town
Featuring: TBA
Week #7 – December 18 – Location: Pinball Jones Campus West
League Finals! A friendly tournament to put those newly learned skills to the test!

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    1. Sorry to have beat you to it! Thanks for trying. No one ever tries. 😉

      I tend to schedule posts about 1 week before the actual event or league. Even if the details are hazy at first, I’ll start the draft, put it on the calendar and schedule the post for whatever future date. Then once details emerge, come back in and edit it if necessary. It makes things more manageable and me less likely to forget about an upcoming event. Especially if I’m not going to it. In fact when this post went live and I started getting comments on FB (blog posts also get pushed out to our FB and Twitter), I was like…oh yeah. Cool. Forgot about that league.

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