Fall Flip Out November 10th & 11th in Fort Collins!

This year’s Fall Flip Out Tournament will be held at both Pinball Jones locations in Fort Collins. New Belgium Brewery is sponsoring the event and all participants will receive a free Fall Flip Out / New Belgium t-shirt with entry! Sizes first come first serve.

There will be an A, B and Novice Division – so there’s lots of opportunity to advance! There’s even a Side Tournament on Saturday to keep you occupied. So plenty of reason to spend the whole weekend in Fort Collins playing pinball!

Never Drains software will be used for both tournaments.

Qualifying - PBJ Campus West

Saturday, November 10th from 10am – 8pm
$30 entry, all games on free play
Limited Herb format: 15 attempts on a bank of 10 games. Top 5 unique scores count.
Side Tourney qualifying until 5pm with Finals starting at 6pm.

Finals - PBJ Old Town

Sunday, November 11th starting at 10am
Top 16 players play A Finals (assuming at least 32 players enter tournament). Next 8 play in B Finals. Next 4 players ranked outside the top 4000 will play in Novice Finals.

Qualifying - Full Details

Main Tournament: Qualifying at Pinball Jones Campus West on Saturday Nov 10th 10 AM – 8 PM (Volunteers will get bonus time after 8pm until 9pm to finish any tries not used yet. Anyone gracious enough to help out can sign-up here)

$30 entry free / Qualifying games on FREE PLAY
all entry fee money goes to pot for payouts
Pinball Jones is adding $300 to the event (some of this is used for trophies and medals, rest to the pot)
Limited Herb 15 Tries on a bank of 10 games
Best 5 go towards your total (1 score per machine)
Scoring 100 for first, 95 for second, then 90, 89, 88 etc.

Main Tournament Qualifying Bank (subject to change)

Metallica, Congo, Eight Ball Deluxe, Dialed In!, Iron Man, Strikes and Spares, The Walking Dead, Judge Dredd, Spider-Man and Total Nuclear Annihilation

Side Tournament (PBJ Campus West)

Saturday – Qualifying from 10am to 5pm.
Finals also on Saturday at 6pm.

$5 per entry (unlimited buy in)
all money goes to pot
Games on COIN DROP
1 entry is 1 play on each of the 3 games
Same scoring 100, 95, 90, 89, etc
Top 4 make finals
Finals Group on same 3 games. 4, 3, 2, 1

Side Tournament Qualifying Bank

Side Tournament Games (subject to change): Game of Thrones, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Terminator 2

A, B and Novice Division Finals

FINALS Sunday Nov 11th 10 AM at Pinball Jones OLD TOWN
Field must be cut at least in half. We will take 16 to finals if we have at least 32 players.

“A” restricted players – If you do no qualify for “A” you do not advance. “A” restricted players are ranked 500 or better

Groups of 4 on a bank of 4 games (banks TBD)
Scoring – 4, 3, 2, 1
Top 2 from each group of 4 Advance

8 for B finals, no byes , same rules as A
Players ranked 4000 or better are restricted to “B” and cannot play in Novice but can play in B or A

4 for Novice finals, same rules as A 
Any player that is ranked 4001 or less can play in Novice, B or A

Got Questions?

Dave Andersen has answers. Shoot him an email here.

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