Monday night pinball tourneys starting up at Endo Brewing

Kate York will be running Monday night tournaments again –  just like she did at Nighthawk Brewery before they closed down – but this time at Endo Brewing in Lafayette! No WPPRs but lots of beer, good people and pinball – starting Monday September 10th at 7pm.

The collection at Endo features a staggering amount of LEs on location. Check out the current line-up:

Batman 66 Premium

Game of Thrones LE

Star Trek LE

DI Collector’s Edition

Iron Maiden LE


Ghostbusters LE

Star Wars LE

Iron Man

The Hobbit Limited Edition

And as always, you can check (and help maintain accuracy of) the game line-up at Pinball Map.

PinPals are Here!

For those who know me (this is Snow Galvin writing by the way), you’re well aware of what a pinball rules nerd I am. 3 years ago I got into pinball and made it my mission to play as many different machines and meet as many people as I could – always asking for gameplay and rule tips.

My brain can only hold so much information, so I had to devise a way to break down games in easy chunks that I could quickly review later on. Enter PinPals: visual guides to pinball machines. Check out this one I made for Alien Star.

You can also take a look at Abra Ca Dabra and Demolition Man too.

I have amassed 125 of these guides and people have been asking for access for quite a while now. Now that time has come! For the incredibly (possibly stupidly) low price of $5 you too can have access. I’m certainly not attempting (or ever would) get rich off these. I’d just like to have Colorado Pinball’s web hosting fees covered. 

At minimum I add one new PinPal a week. In fact, it’s the reason I starting streaming on Twitch. To learn new machines and add to my collection of guides.

So how do you get access to my PinPals? Click the PayPal button to donate $5, then create an account on our website. Because I’m not super internet-savvy, I have to manually give you permission to view all of the PinPals listed – so be patient and give me an hour or two to see the notification about a new user.

If you have any problems or questions – shoot me an email. And thank you!

24 Hour Pinball Tournament at Blizzard Mountain!

Winter is Coming – a 24 Hour, non-stop pinball tournament inspired by The Sanctum’s 24 Hour Battle is happening right here in Colorado!

Tickets on sale: Sat. Sept 8th at 10am!

Tickets go on sale this Saturday, September 8th at 10am Mountain. The event is limited to 52 players, so make sure you get your ticket ASAP!

[ycd_countdown id=3251]

Main Tournament - November 3, 2018

The tournament is being held at Blizzard Mountain Pinball in Conifer, CO and starts Saturday November 3, 2018 at 10am. This is daylight savings weekend, so that extra hour you get at 2am factors into the finishing time of 9am on Sunday November 4th.

Tournament tickets are $65. Each participant will also be required to purchase a Swipe Card for $30. Swipe Cards are used to play all of the pinball machines at this location. The price of the Swipe Cards covers game costs, maintenance, event staff and venue rental,  allowing the tournament tickets to fully fund the prize pool.

For full details, see Blizzard’s website.

Lodging Suggestions

Blizzard’s got you covered there too. Check out this handy list for where to stay.

Pre-event 3-strike Tournament

Friday November 2nd at 6pm there will be a 3-strike tournament for all those who think 24 hours of pinball isn’t quite enough. Details found on Blizzard’s website.