Team League Update

As of now, there are 6 A-Division teams and 4 B-Division teams registered.

B Division: Pinball Jones, Pinball Jones Campus West, Tilt, Wonderland.

A Division: Pinball Jones, Press Play, 1up Colfax, Blizzard Mountain (x2 teams), Dead Hippie Brewery / Coal Mine.

If you haven’t gotten a team together or are a lone wolf looking for a team to join – email Ryan Wanger and he’ll help you out. There will also be a roster of substitutes that teams can choose from when one of their teammates is unavailable that evening. So be sure to tell Ryan you’d like to be on that list if you can’t commit to a full season.

New Pinball League Forming at Wonderland

New pinball league forming at Wonderland Brewing in Broomfield. Join the discussion on Facebook or reach out to Neil Shelton and let him know you’re in!

starts Sunday August 12th, 11:30am
meets for 6 weeks, every Sunday at 11:30am (except for monthly tourney weekends)

Wonderland Brewing Company

Team League is starting up July 31!

You can read Ryan’s post about it on Facebook and join the discussion there.

For those of you with short attention spans, here’s the gist:

A team is comprised of 6 players and each team has a home venue (public bar or arcade). Half of your team’s games will be played on your home turf, half traveling to another team’s venue. The season will start on July 31st, meeting every Tuesday at 7:30pm. The season will run 7-11 weeks depending upon on many teams are formed. It is up to each individual player to form or join a team. There are “salary caps” for each team so as to avoid having 1-2 overpowered teams. Teams will enroll in either the A-Division ($40 per player to join) or B-Division ($10 per player to join). If you need help forming or joining a team – email Ryan Wanger and he’ll help you out.

For those of you not on Facebook, here’s Ryan’s entire post in full detail: Continue reading “Team League is starting up July 31!”