Reminder: The 24 Hour Tourney at Blizzard Mountain is THIS Coming Weekend!

There are still spots left if you’d like to play! 


When: November 3rd, starting at 10am
Tournament ends at 9am November 4th
(Daylight Savings so we ‘gain’ an hour)
Where: Blizzard Mountain Pinball
Cost: $65 to enter main event plus $30 (pays for tournament expenses and all games you’ll play during the 24-hour period)

There is also a 3-strike tournament being held Friday November 2nd for those that would like to get some practice in on the games.

Game Exchange will also be providing additional 6 additional games to add to Blizzard’s collection which you checkout here

Game Exchange will be contributing the following titles to make a total of 39 games available for the tournament:

Deadpool pro, Star Wars pro, Batman 66, Dialed In!, Houdini and WWE

Thank you JJ Babich and everyone at Game Exchange!

Colorado Pinball is Coming to Buffalo, NY!

Event Canceled 🙁

Unfortunately our travel plans have changed due to family circumstances so we won’t be making our annual trip to Buffalo. Sorry, friends.

Snow and Paul will be making their annual trip out to Buffalo, NY for Thanksgiving and sadly just can’t coordinate travel plans with pinball tournaments. So just like Jeff Teolis did when he came to Denver, we’re throwing ourselves a tournament! Nothing crazy, just group match-play with 2 hours qualifying and a 3 game finals round for the top 4 seeds.

This fashionable bison is wearing columbines in its mane. The columbine is Colorado's state flower, not marijuana.
Match-Play Tournament

When: Sunday November 25, 2018
Start Time: 6pm
Where: Misuta Chow’s 
Cost to Enter: $10 plus quarters to play games
Format: 4-player group match-play. 100% payout to top 3 finishers less the $1/player IFPA fee. Winner gets a trophy! 

Note: There is a 20 player cap.

Player Sign-up

This location has 5 machines which means there will be a 20 player cap. You can sign up between 5-6pm the day of the event but if you’d like to secure your spot, you can email Snow here.

Format Details - Qualifying

For the first round players will be randomly placed into 4-player groups and assigned a game. The winner gets 7 points, second place gets 5, third place gets 3 and fourth place receives 1 point. If 3-player groups occur, scoring will be 7-4-1.

The next round will work the same as the first. Match-Play software will be used to draw balanced group and game assignments.  Balanced pairing will be used rather than Swiss because this tournament is meant to be social! Hopefully Colorado will be in a group with all the ‘Buffalonians’ who come out to play as Paul likes to say.

We will play as many rounds as we can until we hit the 2 hour mark. The 4 players with the highest point totals by the end of qualifying will move on to Finals. 


Should a tie-breaker be needed, the player with the most first place finishes will advance. If a tie remains, then second place finishes will be used. Then third place and fourth if required. In the super unlikely event that there is still a tie – we flip a coin.

We don’t want to keep you lovely people out all night on a Sunday.


The four players who advance to Finals will play 3 games with 7-5-3-1 scoring. The top seed will get to drive the bus! That means he/she will be able to choose all 3 games.

Once the game is selected, the second highest seed will get to choose their position, then seed 3 and seed 4. The top seed will take the remaining position. The top seed may instead choose to take their preferred position on a game, in which case the second seed will have their choice of game.

A player’s seed stays with them throughout finals, so game selection and player order follows the same rules stated above. No game can be played twice in the Final round.


Pay-outs will be 100% of the total entry fees less $1 per player as that is paid to the IFPA for sanctioning this event so you can get your WPPRs!

1st place 50% of purse +trophy!
2nd place 30%
3rd place 20%

Thank you to Buffalo Pinball

Seriously, these guys are great! Please checkout their podcast and Twitch stream if you haven’t already. They’ve done so much to grow pinball both in Buffalo and at-large. Colorado loves you guys. <3

Pinball Club tomorrow! Saturday Oct. 6th, 12pm at Game Exchange

One of the best things about pinball is the social nature of the game and in the past, tournaments and leagues were the only platforms for those who love pinball to meet others in the community. This left a lot of enthusiasts unknown and disjointed from our vibrant pinball scene at large.

Colorado’s Pinball Club was started in March of 2018 by Lem Scarbrough, a knowledgeable collector, capable technician and genuine dude who’s easy company. Lem has been in the community a long time and wanted a monthly meet-up that brought those collectors, restorers, historians and players into the fold.

What to expect at Club meet-ups

Pinball Club meets the first Saturday of every month at various locations in the Denver-metro area. This month’s gathering is at Game Exchange where JJ Babich will be talking about the history of the company (they’ve been around a long time!) and giving a tour of the facility (the warehouse and repair room is pretty sweet!). Snow Galvin will finally be making her first appearance as well – talking about this website, our Twitch stream and growing pinball in Colorado. She might even set up the cameras after the meeting and go live with some gameplay. You never know.

Hope to see you there!

Pinball Club Meet-up
Saturday, October 6, 2018 at noon
Game Exchange
2650 6th Avenue
Denver, CO 80204

Pin-toberfest! XI: Battle In The Barn

The Cuckoo’s Nest may be gone, but Pin-toberfest! is back.

October 26 – 27, 2018
The Vermillion Barn – Longmont, CO

Quick Tourney Details:
Unlimited entry, best game format – top 3 scores on a bank of 8 games. $10 for 3 entries. 

Friday, 10/26/18 from Noon til 10PM
Saturday, 10/27/18 from 9AM til 12PM

Finals start on Saturday, 10/27/18 at 1PM

Side team tournament on Friday for Stern Schwag!!

Since the Cuckoo’s Nest closed down, Adam Lefkoff has stepped up to host the 11th annual event at his private residence. Beyond the 8 games included in the tourney bank, all other games (of which he has many) will be available on free play. There may also be a turkey or two trotting around the barn.

Don’t miss out on this Colorado tradition for over a decade!!!

Qualifying Bank

Dirty Harry





Iron Maiden Premium

Attack From Mars


Blizzard League Season 4 Starts Monday September 24th!

The regular season will run for 10 weeks, meeting every Monday at 7pm from September 24 – November 26th. Finals will be held Monday December 3rd at 7pm with the top half playing in A Division and the bottom half in B Division. It’s $40 to play in the league plus the cost of games.

For more information check out Blizzard’s website or their Facebook event page.