Lyons Pinball League – Season 28 – Starts Thursday May 2nd

When: Thursdays at 7:30pm, starting May 2, 2019
Where: Lyons Classic Pinball
Cost to join: $40
League standings will be posted here.

Full Schedule – Season 28 MHPL Lyons

Week 1: May 2nd
Week 2: May 9th
Week 3: May 23rd
Week 4: May 30th
Week 5: June 6th
Week 6: June 13th
Week 7: June 27th
Week 8: July 11th
Week 9: July 25th
Week 10: August 8th
Finals: August 22nd

Note that these dates skip the third Thursday of each month for the LCP monthly along with July 4th which is on a Thursday this year, and August 1st is the weekend of Replay/FX and Pinburgh.

How it works:
Each week of regular season (runs for 10 weeks) players are placed into 4 player groups and matched with those who are ranked at similar ability. Everyone in the league plays the same 5 games in their respective groups.

The player who takes first on a game receives 4 points, 2nd place gets 3, 3rd place gets 2 and 4th place gets 1 point. The person who earns the highest score on a game out of everyone in the league that week receives a bonus point making 25 the total possible points any player can earn in a week. Total points earned divided by the number of games played makes up a player’s average. Players are ranked by their league average.

The standings (rankings) are submitted to the IFPA at the end of 10 weeks and it is your performance during the regular season that determine how many WPPRs you will receive.

Those in the top half of the standings will play in A Division Finals and the bottom half will play in B. League Finals are a head-to-head tournament where you compete for a percentage of the prize purse, made up of the league dues. MHPL pays out 100% of the league dues, less the $1/person IFPA endorsement fee.

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