CPC’s Creative Powerhouse: Paul “Spielberg” Preston

Colorado Pinball Collective’s Twitch stream just hit the 200th episode mark last Friday, April 19, 2019. To ring in the occasion Paul made another of his fantastic intro videos. In case you missed it live, I thought I’d post it here for all to enjoy.

Can you spot yourself in the video?

200th Episode Intro Video

Fun fact – in high school, when Paul wasn’t playing Addams Family at the local “Small” (aka small mall) in Bowling Green, OH, he was writing plays and making films that made his dear mother blush. Next time you run into him, ask him about the Paul and Opie movies or the “radio spot” (aka live broadcast from the principal’s office during the morning announcements) he wrote advertising his senior year play.

And if you still haven’t seen our Wednesday and Friday intro videos, I’ve posted those here as well. 

Wednesday Intro & Highlight Reel

Friday Intro & Highlight Reel

And who could forget Xstream-mas?

Paul put on a real tour de force during the 11 days of Xstream-mas – streaming every day of his winter break from work, with Snow joining him for a special New Year’s Eve stream to cap the event.

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