Live broadcast of Press Play Tournament This Wednesday – April 3rd!

Ever wanted to see yourself play pinball in one of those fancy pinball tournament streams on Twitch? Want no more – now is your moment!

The Colorado Pinball Collective will be broadcasting April’s Press Play Tournament with Snow’s new mobile rig. We’ll have real-time stats, player interviews, telestration, online chat and commentary all brought to you by Ryan Wanger, Snow Galvin and Jordan Dechaine!

For those new to Twitch, sign-up for a Twitch account (it’s free) so that you can chat at us during the broadcast and cheer on your favorite player. Once you’ve got a Twitch account, give our channel a follow (click the heart on our page) to be notified when we go live!

The Colorado Pinball Collective brings you weekly content that will keep you in the loop with pinball news, improve your skills through our tutorials and tournament coverage and provides a bit of entertainment with our sharp wit (this last part may be debatable but the rest is totally true). 

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