JJP POTC Launch – unlimited (old)PAPA-style tournament this weekend!

Saturday, March 9th: 4p – 10p
Sunday, March 10th: 9a – 3p
FINALS (everyone qualifies!)
Sunday, March 10th at 4p
Blizzard Mountain Pinball

Blizzard is hosting a full weekend of pinball to welcome their newest edition – Jersey Jack’s Pirates of the Caribbean! The format is an unlimited card-based qualifying tournament with those in ranked in the top half of qualifying standings playing in A Division Finals and the bottom half playing in B Division Finals.

Qualifying will take place on a bank of 7 games with 3 unique games per card (aka ticket). For full details – go here.

Qualifying Bank

  • JJP Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Black Knight
  • Iron Maiden
  • Fire!
  • White Water
  • AC/DC

For those not yet familiar with JJP’s POTC, I will point you to Tilt Forum’s WIP Rule Sheet, Karl DeAngelo, Dead Flip’s stream with JJP and this flow chart:

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