Wonderland League needs more players!

Neil posted this to Facebook today:

WONDERLAND PINBALL LEAGUE IS IN RISK OF BEING CALLED OFF! We currently have firm commitment from less than 10 people. We need at least 16 to make it worth the time and effort it will take to run a successful league. Please share/recruit friends so we can make this happen. Reminder of the details:

-6 weeks
-Starts August 12th! (This Sunday!)
-Sundays 11:30AM( YES I said AM, get out of bed and come have some fun!)
-FREE TO JOIN. All it costs is quarters to play each game.
-Discount on Beer for league members on league day!
-Sponsored League! There will be a shiny trophy and prize pool thanks to our sponsor InsureU Colorado

If you are interested please let me know in the comments below, private message Pinball in Wonderland Brewing Company or email Neil Shelton

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