Calling all Subs! Turf Wars are a GO!

Substitute players wanted!

If you’d like to be listed as an available sub – get on the roster by emailing Ryan Wanger.

Those with an IPR value of 4 or greater can only sub for A Division teams. Those players with a value of 3 or less can sub for both A & B Division teams. Players of all ratings are needed! Not sure what IPR value you have? Look yourself up at this website. If you don’t see your name, then you have a rating of 1.

Team League Important Info

Ryan wrote software to be used during all matches. Team captains will be able to list any substitute players (if applicable) and confirm your team’s roster for each week, select games, log scores, view league rosters and full league schedule – all at this website. Thanks Ryan!

League Rules including team requirements and restrictions, match scoring, payouts and player guidelines can all be found here.

I’ve also added the Team League standings to this website’s main menu – along with all the Colorado Pinball Leagues who keep their standings online (some leagues keep score locally and share weekly with their mailing list).

Good luck everyone!

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