What are PinPals?

PinPals are visual guides to rules, tips and tricks for 283 pinball machines and counting. Since Snow’s brain can only hold so much information, this is how she’s learned to play various machines – especially ones that aren’t permanently on location in Colorado. People have been asking for access for a long time and that time has now come! At least one per week will be added so check back often.

Some are quick and to the point. Others are more in-depth depending upon the complexity of the game. If you’re short on time, each PinPal has a hierarchy of information to help. If it’s highlighted or bold – it’s THE thing you do to score points. They’re also useful for putting up high scores on location or doing commentary on games you don’t know that well.

What do they look like?

You can check out 3 different PinPals right here:

How do you get access?

For a one time donation to Colorado Pinball – which can be in the form of a single subscription to Colorado Pinball on Twitch or a $5 donation via PayPal – you can have full access to her crib notes, all future updates and of course, download and alter them to suit your own needs. 

After you make the donation, Login (or register) to your Colorado Pinball account, then we’ll grant you access to all links. (This is a manual process, so give us a couple hours after you sign up. If you have any trouble – bug Snow here)