IFPA 16 Recap with Adam Lefkoff & Cayle George

UPDATE: This ‘not an episode’ is getting loads of traffic and consequently the link to listen on IFPA’s website isn’t working for everyone. If that’s the case for you, try this link instead.

I don’t usually just copy and paste a post from the IFPA blog, but..

The original Statler and Waldorf duo of Adam Lefkoff and Cayle George take you through a 3 hour journey of the IFPA16 World Pinball Championship in their ‘not a podcast’. Click HERE to download the ‘not an episode’.

Wonderland Summer League 2019

This one slipped through the cracks for me. Sorry about that.

Week two starts this Sunday at 11:30am at Wonderland Brewing. You can miss one week so you can still join if a midday Sunday pinball league fits your schedule! I believe this is a casual league (no WPPRs awarded). Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Regular season schedule:

  • June – 9th, 16th and 30th
  • July – 14th and 21st

Finals held on August 4th. All times 11:30am. Email Neil Shelton for questions.

PINQUEST Launch at Tilt

Have you heard of Neil Shelton’s PINQUEST?

It debuted at this past Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown and was a hit! The official Launch Party is being held at Tilt Pinball in Louisville this Saturday, June 15th at 1pm.

There will be drink specials and PINQUEST giveaways!

Find out more on the PINQUEST’s website as well as the writeup about it on This Week in Pinball.

ATTENTION: All players who attend the 3rd Sunday Tourneys at 1up Colfax

For anyone playing in this Sunday’s tournament at the 1UP – Colfax or anyone that ever wants to play in it – LISTEN UP!

I’m filling in for Helena again while she’s away with Higgies in Sweden. I’m going to be running the event on Match Play. I believe this will dramatically improve the player experience but I need your help.

PLEASE sign up for a free Match Play account and “claim yourself.” This will take 3 minutes tops and if you can do this BEFORE signing up on Sunday and not asking me how to do it at 12:55p, you’ll be one of my favorite players. You’ll need to have your IFPA number on hand.

So go to matchplay.events and create an account if you don’t already have one (it’s free and you won’t get any annoying emails by signing up). Then follow the prompts to “claim player.” Use your IFPA player number to verify the player you are claiming is you.

Find your IFPA player number by searching for yourself here and clicking on your player profile. Your number will be listed on the lefthand side under “Player Information.”

Thanks for your help on this and see you Sunday! Same format, still $10 to play, still starts at 1pm, still at 1up Colfax. If you’ve never attended, you can find details about the tournament here.