Want to qualify for the Wyoming state championship?

You only need to attend a couple events. If you win this one, then that will probably do it. Just sayin’.

Fair Strike Knockout Tournament (7 Strikes)
February 13th at 7pm
$6 to enter ($5 for the prize pool and $1 to the IFPA) + coin drop
Location: Cheyenne Ice and Events Center
1530 W. Lincolnway – Cheyenne, WY 82001

In each 4-player group strikes are assigned as such:
1st place: 0, 2nd place: 1, 3rd place: 1, 4th place: 2
In each 3-player group:
1st place: 0, 2nd place: 1, 3rd place: 2

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Now for some more ’90s gifs

February 15th Women’s Match Play Tournament

Women’s Match Play Tourney at Game Exchange

February 15, 2020
Sign-up at 12:30pm
Tournament starts at 1pm
Location: Game Exchange of Colorado – 2650 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80204

Match play format. Top 4 ladies with the highest point totals at the end of 3.5 hours will advance to a 1 game final. High seed has choice of game or position. Free to enter and free to play! Women’s WPPRs will be awarded!

Tournament will be broadcasted live on Twitch – twitch.tv/ColoradoPinball
Facebook event link | Colorado Pinball calendar link
Did you know that Colorado will be hosting the Women’s World Championship this year? There are even two ladies from Colorado competing!

Did you know that Colorado will be holding a Women’s State Championship next year? Want to know how all this works? Come to this tournament and get the skinny on all the exciting changes the IFPA’s Women’s Advisory Board has brought to the table.

Talent not required to participate! You just gotta be a lady who loves pinball. The point of this tournament is to get the women from all corners of Colorado together, to learn about the opportunities for women in competitive pinball and for us to test our streaming equipment, production and commentary chops before the March NACS/Women’s World Championship/Pin-Masters tournaments.