Team League Season 4 Starts Tuesday, August 6th

Ryan Wanger announced Season 4 on Facebook. Matches will be every Tuesday at 7:30pm from August 6th through September 24th.

If you haven’t participated before, here’s how it works:


A team is comprised of 6 players and each team has a home venue (public bar or arcade). Half of your team’s games will be played on your home turf, half traveling to another team’s venue. It is up to each individual player to form or join a team.

There are 5 rounds each match with all players playing each round. 3 of the rounds are doubles matches and 2 of the rounds are singles. Win points for your team by winning your match. More info on team scoring here.

There are “salary caps” for each team so as to avoid having 1-2 overpowered teams. Teams will enroll in either the A-Division ($40 per player to join) or B-Division ($10 per player to join). If you need help forming or joining a team – email Ryan Wanger and he’ll help you out.

Salary Caps & Restrictions

The salary cap will use IPR, a metric developed for the Seattle Team League. Each player is rated on a scale of 1 to 6. You can find the rating of any player here:

For A Division – the combined IPR of a six person roster may not exceed 19. Add up the IPR of each of the 6 players, and that’s your total. If you’ve got more than 19, you’ll need a different mix of players. 

For B Division – Only players with an IPR of 3 or lower are allowed to participate in B Division matches. Additionally, a team may have a maximum of one 3 rated player. This is in effect for all roster players and subs. There are no other restrictions.

About Fluctuating IPR – Each time an event gets entered into the IFPA database, the the IPR of all players in the event get recalculated and thus the percentages will move up or down. Because of that, the IPR for each player in the league will be locked in at the time their name is submitted for a roster.

Full Format Description & Rules

To see full rules for Team League – go here.

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