Multi-Format League starting in Boulder next week!

Press Play Multi-Format League: June 12 – July 24, each Wednesday at 7:30pm in Boulder, CO

Boulder’s mixing things up for the next league. It will be 5 regular season weeks, plus a finals. Each week of the regular season will be a completely different format. (All weeks are on Wednesday nights, always at 7:30pm, starting on June 12th and it’s $20 to join).

Ryan will be too busy scorekeeping to play. Who will sit on the throne?

Regular Season Dates & Formats

June 12th: Pingolf. Play in twosomes across 9 holes. All games set to 5 balls with an objective. See how many balls (strokes) it takes to reach the objective. Lowest total stroke total for the evening wins.

June 19th: Group Knockout. Four player groups. Each player gets 5 strikes. 0 strikes for 1st place, 1 strike for 2nd or 3rd, and 2 strikes for 4th. Continue playing rounds until only one player remains.

June 26th: Flip Frenzy. 90 minutes of rapid-fire two player games with only a few minute break between each match. Final standings are total wins minus losses. Win your matches, but be quick about it!

July 3rd: Monthly Tournament, no league

July 10th: Round Robin w/ finals. Split into two groups and play each other player in your group. Top two from each group advance to a single elim bracket.

July 17th: Herb high score. Unlimited attempts across the bank of games for 120 minutes. 100-90-85-84 scoring for each game, your best four scores count.

Weekly Payouts!

Each week, your finishing position will award you points as follows:

1st 100 & $15
2nd 80 & $10
3rd 60 & $5
4th 50
5th 45
6th 40
7th 36
8th 32
9th 29
10th 26
11st 24
12th 22
13th 20
14th 18
15th 16
16th 15

Finals are on July 24th

After the 5 regular season weeks are up, the next week will be a finals, and you’ll be ranked by *total points scored* across the five weeks. The top 8 will be in the A Division Finals, and the rest will be in the B Division finals.

WPPRs will be awarded based on *finals* finishing position.

The B Division Finals format will be the same, although may be subject to change depending on the total number of players.

The A Division Finals will be a ladder. Seeds 5-8 will play a four player match. The loser is eliminated in 8th. Then the 4 seed will join the remaining players. The loser is eliminated in 7th. Etc, until only one player remains.

League dues are $20 per player. Money will be paid out to the top 3 places each week: $15 for 1st, $10 for 2nd, $5 for 3rd. The finals prize pool will be made up of the remaining funds.

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