The Flipside Selfie League Season 2 is Underway!

Flipside Selfie League – Season 2
When: May 8 – July 3rd
Cost: $10 plus quarters for games
League Finals: July 10th at 6:30pm

Selfie League Season 2 begins Wednesday, May 8th!

This league is designed to be super easy-going and informal. Just like the competitive league, registration is just $10. All registration fees are paid out in cash prizes to 1st/2nd/3rd place at the end of the season, and you get free dinner on the final tournament night along with trophies and sweet swag! Here’s how it works:

Each Wednesday for the next nine weeks, we will announce two games to be played that week.

You have the whole week to play those games—scores will be accepted through the end of the following Tuesday. Come in anytime!

Play until you have the score you want, then submit a photo of your score. It’s that easy! We absolutely welcome all ages and all skill levels. This is our “fun” league, so have a blast on your own schedule.

Curious or want to join? Come in and sign up and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Week 1 Selfie League Games
The Walking Dead

Selfie League Season 2: Facebook Event  |  CPC Calendar Event

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