PinPals are Here!

For those who know me (this is Snow Galvin writing by the way), you’re well aware of what a pinball rules nerd I am. 3 years ago I got into pinball and made it my mission to play as many different machines and meet as many people as I could – always asking for gameplay and rule tips.

My brain can only hold so much information, so I had to devise a way to break down games in easy chunks that I could quickly review later on. Enter PinPals: visual guides to pinball machines. Check out this one I made for Alien Star.

You can also take a look at Abra Ca Dabra and Demolition Man too.

I have amassed 125 of these guides and people have been asking for access for quite a while now. Now that time has come! For the incredibly (possibly stupidly) low price of $5 you too can have access. I’m certainly not attempting (or ever would) get rich off these. I’d just like to have Colorado Pinball’s web hosting fees covered. 

At minimum I add one new PinPal a week. In fact, it’s the reason I starting streaming on Twitch. To learn new machines and add to my collection of guides.

So how do you get access to my PinPals? Click the PayPal button to donate $5, then create an account on our website. Because I’m not super internet-savvy, I have to manually give you permission to view all of the PinPals listed – so be patient and give me an hour or two to see the notification about a new user.

If you have any problems or questions – shoot me an email. And thank you!

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