Total Nuclear Annihilation arrives at 1up Colfax Today!

Spooky Pinball’s Total Nuclear Annihilation, Game #414 is set to arrive at The 1up Colfax today!

You can read all about this homebrew to mass produced machine on Scott Danesi’s website (the game’s designer).

To defeat this game you’ve got to destroy all 9 Reactors. It’s fun, it’s got a great soundtrack and it’s hard. But! It has a super fun feature called Co-op mode where you can work together with others to help get it done.

How to enable Co-op Mode

Hold down start button to enable Co-op mode (all players vs machine). After enabling standard Co-op mode you can hold down the start button again to activate Team Vs mode (players 1 & 3 vs players 2 & 4).

In both of these modes there are no extra balls, replays or high scores enabled. Learn more about these modes here.

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