New tournament format! Bear Run Pinball happening at PBJ Campus West on September 8 at 2pm

Since Dory Hill is not happening this year Dave Andersen and Chris Shelton stepped up to run an event on that weekend with a new format for everyone to try.

It’s $10 to enter and the event will be capped at 32 players so if you want to secure your spot, send an email to

It’s essentially a match-play format. For the first 2 rounds you play in 4 player groups. You are guaranteed to play 2 rounds. If you were unfortunate enough to take 4th in both games, a bear eats you and you’re out. An imaginary bear, I’ve been told.

From round 3 on – you will play with those performing at a similar level. The better you perform, the better your potential payout!

To see what I mean, checkout this handy visual presentation of how the Bear Run format works. 

September 8, 2018 starting at 2pm

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