Denver’s Annual Tournaments: Ultimate Pinball Carnage and Ultimate Pinball Challenge are happening this weekend!

It’s time for Denver’s end of the year annual tournaments! Donavan Stepp, Adam and Escher Lefkoff are all likely to play in at least one, if not both of these tourneys. Plus – word on the street is Mr. Trent Augenstein will be making appearances at both! So come one, come all to get your last minute WPPRs!

Ultimate Pinball Carnage

Saturday December 15th at 1pm
The 1up Colfax, $20 entry

This event will be the same format as the 3rd Sunday monthly also known as the Helenament. In fact this IS December’s Helenament, it’s just being held on Saturday. There will be no monthly tourney at 1up Colfax on Sunday. If you’re not familiar with that format, get all the details here.

Don’t be bummed if you can’t make it because the very next day is the…

Ultimate Pinball Challenge

Sunday December 16th at 1pm
The 1up LoDo, $20 entry

Very exciting as this year will be the first time Dan’s using the “fair strikes” format and to my knowledge, the first time anyone has run this format in Colorado (though Ryan Wanger may have done it before – he likes to mix things up at the monthly Boulder tourneys).

This will be a 12 strike tournament. Yep, you read that right. But in reality, it’s more like the annual 4-strike format we’re used to during U.P. Challenge. Here’s how it works:

Players are paired against each other in groups of four. In that group, 1st place gets to smile (receives no strikes). 2nd place gets 1 strike, 3rd place gets 2 strikes, 4th place gets 3 strikes. Once a player gets 12 strikes, that player is eliminated. Last person standing is the winner.

So as you see, absolute worst case scenario, you take 4th on 4 games in a row and you’re out. Should be interesting indeed! And it should work out to 100% TGP. It’s like it’s Christmas!

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