COVID-19 and Pinball in Colorado

Thank you to all arcade owners and operators for taking the recommended precautions to close temporarily so we can slow the spread of COVID-19.

The IFPA has also joined the effort by suspending sanctioning of events effective tomorrow March 17 through March 31 at which time they will revisit the decision. That means, any tournaments being held between now and then (Durango’s Group Knock-out, Pueblo’s Bite Me, Pinball Jones’ Monthly and 1up Greenwood’s Monthly) will not be held, or if for some reason they are, no WPPRs will be awarded.

I know. This all sucks. But it’s the best way to ‘flatten the curve.’ So everyone, stay home! But once this passes, I plan to drop loads of quarters at all my favorite arcades and I hope you’ll join me for the pinball operator stimulus effort.

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