IFPA Pin-Masters Qualifying – Live at 10am Today!

With an expanded field of 144 players and a full 18 hole course this year’s IFPA Pin-Masters won’t disappoint. Qualifying is spread over two days and players are broken into two tee times – 10am and 3pm.

Click for tournament overview, game list, participants, rules and standings.

Watch live on CPC’s Twitch Channel starting at 10am.

Friday and Saturday will feature qualifying for IFPA Pin-Masters and we’ve got a lot of Colorado players in the mix. For broadcast purposes we will be following one group from each tee time on each day.

Colorado Players by Tee Time

Friday and Saturday – Group 1 – 10am
Aaron Johnson
Adam Lefkoff
Bridge Morgan
Dave Andersen
Donavan Stepp
Escher Lefkoff
Jason VonLembke
Mat Brundage
Mateo Leyba
Robert Slyker
Ryan Altermatt
Shawn Savageau

Friday and Saturday – Group 2 – 3pm
Adam Higgins
Adam Jordan
Dean Grover
Elliott Layne
George Fisher
Helena Walter Higgins
Jason Thomas
Jordan Dechaine
Justin Rausch
Kevin McCarthy
Nathan Hart
Nick Brown
Ryan Wanger
Snow Galvin
Zach McCarthy
Zen (yea he’s a NYC guy now, but we still claim him)

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