2018 TWIPY Awards

Voting is now open for the 2018 TWIPY Awards (This Week in Pinball Yearly Awards). Run by This Week in Pinball, the TWIPY Awards recognize the efforts of game designers, artists, animators, manufacturers, podcasters, streamers, journalists and home-brewers as voted on by the pinball community. That’s you!

The TWIPY ballot is up and if you have a second, click this link and vote for “Colorado Pinball Collective” under “Favorite Pinball Twitch Streamer” (at the top of the second page). 

I mean how great was the NYE broadcast? All dolled up and keeping things classy while Paul talked about his dad always wearing clip-on ties, how that influenced his 1st formal dance attire and his date’s reaction. 

And then of course there was the 12 days of Xstreamas. I think we’ll all remember the hard lesson learned from eating blackberries on your in-law’s white couch.

So no pressure, but if you happen to enjoy the stream, all the wonderful Colorado collectors and incredible players who have played with us and the PinPals that result from all the streaming – we’d love a nod. Or vote for your actual favorite. 😉 #whocars

Be sure to write-in your favorite Colorado pinball location too!


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