Casual Format: Split Flipper

How does it work?

Split flipper is a style of play rather than a format but when this style is used, the tournament is called a Split Flipper Tournament.

In Split Flipper, two players work as a team with one player controlling the left flipper and the other player controlling the right flipper. Players compete as a team following a tournament format, most commonly; bracket, knock-out, match playround robin or single attempt.

Things to Note

Tournament Directors should decide ahead of time whether players can sign up as a team or if pairs will be assigned. Assigning teams makes the event more inclusive, especially for newer players as they won’t feel the pressure of having to find a partner. 

When choosing to assign teams, TDs should consider whether they’d like to do so randomly, according to IFPA rank (such as highest ranked player paired with lowest) or using some other standings such as results from the latest pinball league season.

Because this is a social and casual (non-sanctioned) format, coaching is totally allowed and communication between players is encouraged if not required! One player telling the other they’re going to bounce pass the ball over to them is vital. This style of play is a lot of fun and teams really get to learn more about flipper techniques and their partner throughout the night.

Recommended Tournament Software

Brackelope – bracket, knock-out
Challonge – bracket
Match Play – best game, bracket, flipper frenzy, knock-out, match play, round robin, single attempt

Best Format For

Side tournaments and social events

Casual Format Only

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