Bar Game: Dollar Game

How does it work?

A multi-player game is played and everyone puts $1 in the purse. Winner takes all.

Things to Note & Variations

Decide how to handle extra balls before you start playing.

In Denver we use the rule that you can buy your extra ball for $1. This becomes especially fun due to the strategy that can come into play (and the larger prize pot too). For example, you may not want to collect the extra ball until later so you can see what sort of chance you have of winning rather than go all in early on, only to find you need to beat a nearly insurmountable score later. Twilight Zone is a wonderful game when using this rule due to the amount of EBs available.

In San Francisco I’ve been told they don’t buy their extra balls but instead play them one-handed. This is a fun way to go too. Especially if you’re playing in a public space because you get to enjoy the faces of those casual players that just don’t understand what you’re doing. It’s great.

And of course any denomination will work. Let’s say you play a $5 game. One way to sell the idea (not that you should be coaxing anyone into playing for money) is to agree that the player who comes in second gets their money back unless the winner doubles their score – in which case it’s a well deserved $15 prize for them!

One last note, if you’re playing at a location with a lot of machines, we often use an app called Decide Now which helps randomize game selection.

Best Format For

4 player games are the most fun but 2-4 players will work

Casual Format Only

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